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Take Care Of Your Mobile Phone

1- Always take your phone with you: Never let your phone out of your sight, keep it out of children's reach and avoid lending it to others, even if under your supervision, they might drop it or spill something on it.

2- Keep it dry: Never walk and talk when it's raining. Avoid carrying it near water or places where there is a lot of humidity.

3- Use a mobile phone case or a screen protector: Use a case or a screen protector to prevent scratches or scuffs. Loose items in a bag could also scuff or scratch your mobile phone.

4- Clean your phone regularly: Use dry tissue or alcohol wipes to clean the phone's exterior surfaces. Do not use other cleaners that may add moisture to your screen.

5- Change your screen's illumination: There are many applications that will eat up your battery life. Screen illumination, GPS and data transfers are among the most energy-intensive functions. Set your screen's illumination at the lowest level and close the applications you are not using - this will help conserve power.

6- Use original accessories: According to all mobile manufacturers the use of non-original accessories may damage your phone.

Protect Your Mobile Phone Against Theft

1- Keep details: Make a record of all your phone information: phone number, model, color, pin and security lock code as well as the serial number and IMEI. Each mobile phone has a unique 15digit IMEI number which identifies the device's ID. If you don't know the IMEI number just type the following on your phone *#06# (asterisk-hash-zero-six-hash).

2- Hide your phone: Keep your phone hidden in your pocket or bag when you are not using it. Do not use it in places you do not feel safe and hide it well when you are in a crowded place.

3- Always use the security lock code or PIN feature to lock your phone: Locking your phone makes it less valuable to a thief and denies him access to personal numbers and details stored on your SIM card or phone.

4- Register your phone number with your network operator: If your phone is stolen or lost, report it immediately to your network operator. Ask them to disable your phone number so that no further charges are applied. They might be able to block your hand set and account details as well. This will prevent anyone from using the phone, even if they change the SIM card.

5- Download applications that will help you locate your phone: Android : Android Device Manager App - IOS : Find My iPhone App.

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